Who We Are

No one knows your business better than you do. That’s why the professionals at ParIT take a collaborative approach, working with you to understand the bigger picture. How do you do what you do? What would a smooth operation look like? Combining our experience with yours, we can provide a solution that’s just right for you.

Current Members

Jamie Campbell

A founding member of ParIT, Jamie got his programming start in Basic on the Vic 20 back in the ’80s and has been avidly developing software ever since.

As a member of ParIT, Jamie has been involved in point of sale software development, website back-end development, ERP systems and accounting software development, proving that he’s not just great at code development, he’s also a fantastic researcher and thrives in developing excellent client relationships.

A strong believer in the international co-operative principles and in community economic development, Jamie tries to focus his work and extensive local and national volunteer efforts in these areas as much as possible.

Jamie is ParIT’s representative on a local co-operative council, serves as the worker co-operative representative on the Supports and Services Co-operative Strategy Working Group, and is a board member for the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF), representing Prairies, NWT and Nunavut.  On behalf of CWCF, he is a board member with the Data Commons Project, and sits on the CICOPA:North America committee.

Mark Jenkins

Mark grew up both as a computer and a music geek. In high-school he already played and performed with 5 instruments—and he worked across distinct computer platforms, Apple II, Amiga, Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. These two loves collided in his senior year, when both band and computer programming were scheduled in the same slot. In the end, Mark stuck with the band – having already developed multiple web-based games and other programs by then and facing four years of computer science ahead of him.

His Computer Science (honours) degree at the University of Manitoba included advanced courses in real time systems, parallel programming, low level database implementation, algorithms, compilers, machine learning and a reverse engineering project. In addition, Mark developed an online voting system for Computer Science Students’ Association elections and organized overnight board gaming parties.

Seeking an opportunity to be employed working with free and open source software and recognizing the chance to make a better world through social enterprise, Mark joined up with the founding ParIT members in time for incorporation in 2006.

Worker Co-op

Worker co-ops are a kind of producer co-operative. Our members work together to market and co-produce our products and services. We share a common workplace and pay ourselves on a wage basis. As a worker-owned, worker-managed enterprise, we are structured consistent with our vision of a participatory economy.  The co-op model allows to be involved in workplace decisions to the extent that we’re affected by them and to remunerate on the basis of our efforts.

ParIT is a worker co-operative, incorporated under the Manitoba Co-operative Act (ParIT Worker Co-operative, Ltd) and a proud member of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) provides a well recognized definition of co-operatives:

A Co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

We embrace the seven principals from the ICA statement on co-op identity and are particularly interested in how information technology can further the 6th principal, Co-operation among Co-operatives. We have great relationships with several other worker co-ops and are always open to developing more.

Our Supporters

ParIT is grateful for support we have received from:

The Cooperative Promotion Board


Why A Worker Co-op?

ParIT functions as a Worker Co-operative, under the Manitoba Co-operatives Act.

For us, that means our workplace is guaranteed to be collegial, fair and participatory.

For you, that means you can be confident that you are getting more than a “techie.” When you work with us, you’ll be working with a highly motivated and well-equipped team of entrepreneurs who believe in more than just simple profit.


Our commitment to participatory economics inspires the Par (participatory) in our name. You deserve a say in decisions to the extent you’re affected by them, but current economic structures deny this level of participation. There is an alternative economic vision with the potential to offer meaningful participation in economic decision making for all of us. You can learn more here.

ParIT advances the cause of a participatory economy with other worker owned enterprises through the Winnipeg Parecon Worker Council.

Free/Open Source

A participatory economy should include software that you can share or modify. Our products and services exclusively use software licensed to provide these freedoms, embraced by hundreds of millions of users world-wide in every imaginable sector. To emphasize the freedom, some refer to the software as free software.

Many of the best free software applications are developed by global communities, out in the open on the internet. In emphasis of this, some refer to the software as open source software. With the massive amount of activity and freedom in this area, there are a lot of choices, and obviously some are better than others.

We’ve chosen our offerings based on product quality and strong community development. You can count on pragmatic, business appropriate options that meet our philosophical outlook.

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