The ParIT Information Technology Strategy

An unfortunate number of organisations fail to plan, so when hard drives fail or equipment becomes too outdated or a software update causes problems they are caught off-guard, wasting valuable time, energy and money.

A well run Information Technology infrastructure should provide your organization with the ongoing information management capabilities it needs, while minimizing surprises. Instead of making your your organization adapt to the technology, the infrastructure should adapt to you.

ParIT takes a structured approach in developing a great infrastructure, designed to work for you.

Through it, we’ll cover 6 areas:

An elegantly simple infrastructure design

A great information technology system meets your needs as simply and elegantly as possible. We’ll make sure to not burden the system with unused or unnecessary aspects. We’ll give you exactly what you need and build in the ability to grow—no more, and no less.

A plan for managing staff capacity

Your staff will make the best use of IT infrastructure when they are well trained. We’ll help you prepare for more than simple initial training by planning for periodic review and training upgrades. This will keep staff capable of using the system to its fullest as the system adapts to changing requirements.

Managing and mitigating risk

We’ll work with you to develop practical procedures to minimize any unexpected downtime. These will deal with a variety of contingencies to enable quick recovery from any unexpected interruptions.

Bolstering staff morale

Everyone who needs to, should be able to use your system as productively as possible. By actively engaging system users to proactively uncover any issues they may be having with the system, we can address those issues. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little extra training help, and sometimes we may need to modify the system slightly. Either way, keeping people happy and confident in the system, starts with great communication.

Periodically analyzing hardware

Like any complex system, such as cars, bikes, and houses, your IT infrastructure will benefit from periodic inspection and analysis to catch potential problems early. We will develop a plan to periodically inspect and analyse your hardware—identifying any failing components early on so they can be repaired or replaced before they interrupt your operations.

Planned upgrades

In order to keep your system running smoothly both from day to day and year to year, we will help you determine an appropriate budget and plan for replacing components periodically.

Every organization is unique and ParIT will work with you to develop the right approach to cover all 6 areas. We do this through a process that follows a few basic, but crucial stages:

Requirements Analysis

Through interviews with the people who will use the system, we’ll get a sense of what the system needs to do before tying it to any particular implementation solution. These interviews will help us gain answers to the following questions:

What are your organization’s information management needs? Who will use the system in any way, and what does each of them need from it? What level of ongoing support makes the most sense for your organization?

What sort of uptime requirements does the system have in the context of available system development and maintenance budget? For some organisations, every minute of downtime represents a substantial loss, whereas for others, a day or two of downtime will be inconvenient, but not destructive. We’ll make sure your uptime requirements and budget line up.

System Design

During this stage, ParIT will work with you to transform the system described in the Requirements Analysis step into a specific plan to develop the best system possible within the timeframe, budget and expected usage. This design will include a plan for hardware, software, training and support.

System Development

No two organizations are identical, and most will have at least some set of relatively unique needs. During this stage, ParIT will work on any required customization to meet your organization’s unique needs—prior to deployment.

System Deployment

During this step, ParIT will work with you to deploy the system we’ve developed for your organization. Depending on the organization’s complexity and needs, this may be done all at once, or one component at a time. We’ll work with you to take an approach that offers the best combination of risk management, swift deployment, and staff alignment.

Ongoing System Support and Enhancement

Once your system is up and running, ParIT will work with you to make sure it continues to be a good fit as your organization grows and its needs evolve. This goes well beyond support and system maintenance—we’ll proactively check in with you and your team, keep you up to date on any new and more efficient ways to tune your system and periodically review your workflow with you. A good system adapts, and we’ll make sure it adapts to your needs elegantly over time. hermes replica replica handbags hermes replica hermes replica replica bags replica handbags replica hermes hermes replica iphone cases cheap jewelry wholesale jewelry sex toys cheap sex toys human hair wigs cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys hermes replica replica hermes replica handbags cheap canada goose