Jamie Campbell

One of the founders members. He got his programming start in Basic on the Vic 20 back in the 80s and has been avidly developing software ever since.

Jamie also volunteers extensively in both the local and national community, including doing bookkeeping for the co-operative building project at 91 Albert Street in Winnipeg, serving as ParIT’s representative on a local co-operative council, serving as the worker co-operative representative on the Supports and Services Co-operative Strategy Working Group, serving as a board member for the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF), representing Prairies, NWT, and Nunavut, serving as the CWCF’s representative on the Data Commons Project, and serving as one of the Canadian representatives on the CICOPA:North America committee. He is a strong believer in the international co-operative principles and community economic development, and tries to focus both work and volunteering efforts in these areas as much as possible. As a member of ParIT, Jamie has been involved in point of sale software development, website back-end development, ERP systems, and accounting software development. All of these initiatives have required demonstration of strong skills, not only in code development but also in research and client interaction.

Mark Jenkins

Mark grew up as both a computer and music geek. By the time he’d finished Grade 11, he had already played and performed with 5 instruments (recorder, clarinet, trumpet, tuba, voice) and worked with the distinct Apple II, Amiga, Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux computer systems. These two interests came to a head in his last year of high school when both band and computer programming were scheduled in the same time slot. Even with computing in sight as a future career direction, Mark stayed loyal to the band – having already developed multiple web-based games and other programs in JavaScript and Perl by that age and with four years of studying computer science ahead of him.

Mark’s senior high school year wasn’t all ‘boops and bops’ with no ‘bits and bytes’ – he continued to advance his computing knowledge and wrote his own database application for tracking the school fundraiser.

His Computer Science (honours) degree at the University of Manitoba included advanced courses in real time systems, parallel programming, low level database implementation, algorithms, compilers, machine learning and a reverse engineering project. In addition, Mark developed an online voting system for Computer Science Students’ Association elections and organized overnight board gaming parties.

Seeking an opportunity to be employed working with free and open source software and recognizing the chance to make a better world through social enterprise, Mark joined up with the founding ParIT members in time for incorporation in 2006.

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